Cancellation And Refund Policy

KStor (a division of Southshore Solutions) is in the business of providing a service of an online bookstore primarily catering to books on Law, Humanities and Children’s education . The service enables you to browse through the website and select the books you would like to buy and the same is physically delivered to you at your registered address.

● Orders can be cancelled if the book(s) have not already been shipped. To cancel, please email us at

● A book can be returned if a customer is not satisfied with the same. However, the book(s) need to be returned immediately after receipt with an email mentioning the reason to The amount paid towards that book would be immediately refunded back to you through the means of electronic funds transfer after deducting any courier charges.

● If there are any damages to books, the cost of the book paid by the user will be returned in full by way of electronic funds transfer to the designated bank account of the user.

● While we take utmost care to ensure that books that are delivered are in good condition, in the unlikely event of book(s) being received in damaged condition, the same can be returned to us and a full refund will be made to the customer. On receipt of the damaged book(s), the same need to be sent to us with an email to A Unit of Southshore Solutions) assures its customers it's very best services. However in the event of requiring a cancellation and refund, please email us with details at